Feel The Ad Love! Podcast: Karbach Beer, World Cup Soccer and All Things Advertising

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The American Advertising Federation Houston hasn’t missed a beat on the things that make an organization attractive and on the grow.  AAFH Beer’s with Peers is set for May 1st at Houston’s Karbach Brewing Company.  And with a World Cup Soccer bid up for grabs, AAFH brings the folks that can make it happen to our AAFH Luncheon, May 15th. Meet the folks that make it happen.

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Ad Speaks Houston Podcast : Episode 26: The DREAM Fund

Bad things do happen to good people. But beautiful things happen when people pull together. And teamwork is what makes our DREAM work.  Dedicating Resources to Employees of Advertising and Media (DREAM) Fund is a nonprofit foundation and the support link to the community of advertising, public relations and media professionals across the Southwest.  They exist … Read more

Ad Speaks Houston Podcast – AAF Houston Honors Trailblazer Paul W. Hobby

The AAF Trailblazer Awards, honoring Paul W. Hobby is now set for 2019 and John Manlove gives us details of what to expect.  In Texas, and especially Houston, the name Hobby is synonymous with commerce and culture, media and public service.  Find out how you can be a part of this event.

Ad Speaks Houston is a regular feature telling the story of AAF Houston, it’s members, its programs and it’s mission.  These podcasts are also heard weekly on KPRC Radio 950 AM in Houston, Sundays at 10 AM, and streamed live on iHeart Radio.  Podcasts can also be found at