5 Ways To Grow As A Podcast Host

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We all want to be better hosts. Here are 5 ways to grow as a podcast host.

1. Be yourself.  Don’t create a character or put your mind and presentation in an uncomfortable place.  You are not Marc Maron. You are you!  You are a curious person, #beyourself and grow your PodBrand, and grow as a #podcasthost.

2. Adding to tip number one. Your favorite #podcaster is NOT who you need to be.  Find your own style and capitalize on it.  We are all unique individuals, even twins have unique characteristics.  Choose a style of delivery that fits you, and not a style of a podcaster you like. Like we mention in tip one, you are and always will be YOU. 

3. Quit being so concerned about your technique.  That takes away from your engagement and connectivity.  Your delivery might need some fine tuning but focusing too much on style takes away from your ability to engage. 

4. Breathe, and remember you’re not on a stage in front of thousands.  You are having a simple conversation with just one person.  You might have 50,000 followers but you are only speaking to one person at a time.

5. Radio personalities have a bad habit of forgetting the art of singular #conversation.  You might be reaching a large group of PodFans but you are never speaking to more than one of them.  Grow your #podcast right now.

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5 Ways To Grow As A Podcast Host


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