4 Tips to Becoming A Better Podcast Interviewer

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Want to be a better podcast interviewer? Here are a quick 4 tips to become a better podcast interviewer.

  • Be well prepared. Know your questions. Learn what you can about the guest.  What is the reason you are interviewing your guest? What is the focus?  Get right to the meat of the interview.  A little conversational banter is good, but don’t ramble.
  • Have good questions. There is nothing more frustrating than to hear irrelevant questions being asked. Stay on topic.
  • This is just a conversation.  Don’t throw in and cliché phrases to get in and out of segments. “We’ll be right back after these messages…”
  • Shut up and LISTEN.  It’s your podcast but people are listening because they love who you bring to their world.  Listen and you’ll find that the conversation will take you places you didn’t even plan on going.  Grow as a podcast host. Part of your podcast structure is staying connected during the interview. Balance listening with opportunities to get deeper into the conversation. 

Sure, we would all like to be the next Joe Rogan, but it takes time to build those interviewing chops. Implement these four tips and you will instantly improve your podcast interviewing skills. Want to learn more? Check out the full range of Radio Lounge’s podcasting services.

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4 Tips To Become a Better Podcast Interviewer

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