Quick Voiceover Tip: Finding A Niche

Quick Voiceover Tip: Finding a Niche.

Where do I fit.  Better yet, what niche best fits me?  You may ask yourself this question as you progress in your voice over career. Should I focus on audiobooks? eLearning? Promo work?

There are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • What kind of work have you been booking regularly?
  • What kind of work is profitable to you?
  • What kind of work do you truly enjoy?
  • What kind of work do you NOT enjoy?
  • What is the status of your market location?

These questions above are pretty self explanatory. The last one is the interesting one. Where do you live? This does make a difference in some areas of voiceover. If you want top work in promo -well, NYC and LA are where you need to be. Animation? Again, certain cities are hot beds for that kind of work (and many cities have none).

Another part of finding a niche, is knowing what you are good at. Also, you go to the store to shop for clothes and you rely on looking in the mirror to see how you look.  Deal with the fact that not every style or niche is going to look good on you.  During the voice coaching process, we call it the discovery process, you will find the absolute best place to sell your talents.  Demos are made and then out the door you go in search of building your client list.  Not everyone is a movie trailer person, or an audio book person.  Finding your voice niche is the most important aspect of becoming a voice actor.

Most everyone fits into the “commercial” niche and that’s a starting point for many folks.  Get a great commercial demo out there and see what other options might be a possibility. 

Sooner or later you will fall into a rhythm that hits the sweet spot. It might be training, or narration, or character bits.  But you must start with the “fit”.  Find that and go at it with passion.  Everybody has that one spot in them.  So, discover yours.


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Quick Voiceover Tip: Finding A Niche

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