Radio Lounge provides various podcasting production, consulting, and studio setup services.  Let’s get started!

It’s the Wild West out there in a category that is forecast to be a billion dollar media market in the next 12 months. So, have you taken the time to find out what your place in that market is? Everybody has a story to tell. Podcasting has broken the cost barrier of traditional broadcast media and can be easily targeted to a very specific audience in a global way. You now have the power to amplify your story.

We help you even further as an official partner with Sweetwater.com, providing the ultimate in podcasting gear and customer service to get your podcast studio equipped and running great!

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You need a comfortable, professional environment to record your podcast. We have just the solution. As one of the premier audio post production studios in Houston, we have the equipment and engineering savvy to make your podcast sound amazing. Hourly rental and monthly subscription rates are available for basic projects to full productions with hosting

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Our hosting platforms are designed to maximize exposure to grow your audience, with the analytics to assure your hard work is…working. You are no longer limited by signal strength. What powers your project comes from those ears that choose to hear your message.

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Quality production DOES matter. Radio Lounge offers complete production from in-studio to web connected guests with the most up to date recording platforms. Our dedicated podcast studio is designed for maximum productivity in a comfortable and cool setting. You have options. We can get you there, without the buyers remorse.


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As a podcaster, you’ve taken a giant step starting a new business venture. But have you researched what it takes to set up a podcast studio? It might be a dedicated space at your office or home. Does it have the attributes of a great studio, the necessary technology for a broadcast quality product? We can help.

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How do I start ? How do I get my show on iTunes, or Spotify? How do I make money with my podcast? How can I make my brand sound intelligent, compelling and attractive? How will I make my project stand out in the crowd? From external marketing to internal corporate communications, let’s start the conversation now.

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You have a story to tell. Sometimes getting started might seem like climbing a mountain. Impossible at first, but clearly attainable. Our broad base of training tools will help you find the direction and give you everything you need to create and launch successfully. We don’t care to hear what a podcaster had for lunch. We do care about what supports your business needs.