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Voiceover coaching and a great demo are the foundation of a successful VO career.  Period.

Radio Lounge can help you get started in voiceover, or just take your existing VO career to the next level.  You see – You can’t see the voice, but you can feel it. Voice acting is the art of the spoken word. Voiceover has the ability to convey many emotions, much like a musical instrument. Discovering how to use it as an instrument takes training and a desire to go beyond comfortable to find a place where it commands attention and owns the story.

Voices come in all sizes, and the best thing about voiceover, there is a place for each and every one. We’re looking for those few who believe they can go there and become the best at their craft.

We can also get you set up with your voiceover studio. As an official partner with Sweetwater.com, we combine our expertise with their ultimate customer service and selection to get you up and running.

How Do I Get Voice Over Work?

It’s a question we get A LOT!  Sure, it seems easy.  You might think…’I can speak.  I just need a USB mic and I am set”.

If it were only that easy.  

Anyone can speak into a mic.  But can you effectively communicate?  Persuade?  Teach? Touch emotions?

And that’s just the performance  element.

Throw in setting up a professional home studio, accounting, bookkeeping, collections, editing, audio production…and the most important aspect – MARKETING, and becoming SUCCESSFUL in voiceover takes a lot of guidance and hard work.  We can help.  Avoid getting ripped off my demo mills and unscrupulous so-called VO coaches. Get started the right way. Ask us about voiceover coaching and consulting services. 



A voiceover coach takes a person beyond their expectations. Discovering your voice is a journey that can sometimes be tough. We work with voice actors who clearly have a passion for their craft and can see the finish line. Our best voiceover coaching students are the ones that allow us to change the way they approach voiceover, and start fresh. Our voiceover training isn’t for every voice, only the ones who are willing to break the habits that are holding them back.



The  demo: the most important tool you have to advance your craft. The audition: there are dozens of voices beyond yours that want the gig. You have just one opportunity, just a few words to be at the top of the heap. Is your demo fresh, does it clearly and without a doubt represent the very best of you? Creating a voice over demo starts with discovering the style that best suits and showcases your capabilities. We can take you from good to exceptional. So how confident are you with status quo? Is it time to do it better?

Listen to a few of the voiceover demos we have produced here at Radio Lounge

Annette Rainesalo – Commercial Demo

Paul Hester  – Commercial Demo

Nicky Mondellini – Spanish Political Demo




Yes, Our Clients Really Said That!

"Thank you SO much for all your hard work on this project. You made it a fun process and have given me a voiceover demo I can be proud to market anywhere. You ROCK!" Annette Rainesalo-Get Me That Voice
“I have several demos but I needed one that showcased my bilingual abilities in a fun and engaging way, so naturally I thought about Ray and Bruce, they not only have years of experience as audio producers but I really trust their creative ideas for writing the scripts and choosing the perfect music for each spot. They're also amazing directors with a trained ear so they know exactly what works and what doesn't. I'm really happy with my demo, I've had lots of compliments from clients and I've booked plenty of work because of it!” - Nicki Mondellini, Voice Actor
"Normally a person may go a lifetime before finding two better people to work with. Ray Schilens and Bruce Abbott are amazing for their combined knowledge and expertise in the voice over and recording industry. More than their abundance of knowledge they are both extremely easy to talk to and just about the most pleasant two guys to be around as you’ll ever find. Another quality that they both pocess and one that is so difficult to find in this crazy fast paced world we live in these days is they care about the people that they work with and to me that is pretty much everything. Thank you Ray and Bruce for being yourselves." - Dave Howell, BackPorchGuy.com
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