Ray Schilens - M. Bruce Abbott
Bruce and Ray, Circa 2005
Artist: Bryon Beaubien
M. Bruce Abbott
Partner – Radio Lounge
Ray Schilens
Ray Schilens
Partner – Radio Lounge


Radio Lounge Co-Founders: M. Bruce Abbott and Ray Schilens

This is the story of two guys (Ray and Bruce) who used a passion for the industry and their audio skills to create and grow a podcast studio, voiceover coaching facility, and audio production studio where amazing things happen.

Our most important asset is our ability to craft relationships, which have lasted almost a quarter century and include a wide variety of agencies and direct clients.

Radio Lounge has grown from a few key relationships to several hundred over the past 30 years. When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. We have been blessed with a world-class audio and podcast production company at a time when sound design and other attributes that are associated with advertising and marketing have grown into a diverse business opportunity.

Radio Lounge has eagerly sought out new channels for delivering sound to a digital audience. In addition, our ability to teach what we love has folks coming our way on a variety of platforms.

From voiceover coaching and the creation of high-end voiceover talent demos to podcasting, the basics of creative communication are a vital part of our business model. What’s ahead? We can’t wait to find out.


Launching our first podcasts before they were called podcasts, Ray and Bruce used their experience with broadcast syndication and satellite media merged with RSS technology and content management systems to create internal communications in what would become “podcasting”.

Ray and Bruce have helped countless companies with:

Podcast consultation and launch services

Podcast hosting and production services

How to create and sustain a podcast model


Both Ray and Bruce are established voice actors with decades of full-time voiceover experience voicing for some of the biggest brands – from Amazon/AWS to Microsoft, United Airlines to P&G (and hundreds more).

Ray and Bruce bring:

Real world voiceover experience for students

Immersed expertise in the latest voiceover trends

Connections with some of the biggest voice talent agencies and production houses

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