Quick Voiceover Tip: Client sessions

Quick Voiceover Tip: Client sessions Some voice actors love working directly with a client in a session because of the immediate feedback; when the session is finished it is truly finished. Some voice actors do NOT like working with the client because – well, sometimes the client doesn’t exactly know what they want, or maybe … Read more

Voiceover Demo Showcase: Dave Howell

In today’s voiceover demo showcase : Dave Howell. We are constantly amazed at the depth of talent in our industry. So when the “Back Porch Guy” called about doing a few new voice over demos, we wanted to know more. Dave Howell is first and foremost, an actor, the most important element in defining a … Read more

Voiceover Phone PatchES

Phone Patch Overview Many voice over sessions require you to connect to a client or producer via the phone. This is actually easier than it sounds. Sure, to do a legitimate digital audio phone hybrid, you are going to spend $500-1000 dollars on a unit that becomes a part of your recording rig. JK Audio … Read more

The IMPORTANCE OF Vocal Booth Sound Proofing

The Lawn Guys – The arch nemesis of the voice actor. That buzz of lawn equipment can bring a productive voice over session to a screeching halt. Unless you have a four to five figure budget to create a proper space using mass and de-coupling, you’ve got to work around weed-wackers, garbage trucks, thunderstorms, and … Read more

Voiceover Room Acoustics

Todays’ daily quick voiceover tip: room acoustics. Shape, materials, and size matters. A bad room size is an equal to or a multiple of itself.  Let me explain.  If your room is 4 feet by 4 feet with a ceiling height of 8 feet, you have manufactured a dysfunctional space.  Walls should not be a … Read more

Radio Lounge Responds to the COVID-19 Pandemic

To our business associates, clients, voice talent, and good friends in the advertising, communications and service industry, we are witnessing challenges we have never seen in the more than 25 years of business. We want to make sure that you know, we are here. We are not in the business of crafting masks or providing … Read more

“Feel The Ad Love”: Podcast Episode 11- The Multicultural Advertising Message

advertising podcast

Recently we welcomed top creative directors from around the country to judge entries at the 2020 American Advertising Federation Awards (The ADDY’s) We caught up with 3 of the judges to talk advertising and marketing. Tony Sharpe, Judy Thompson and Javier Martinez to talk about everything from content creation, logic and emotion behind the creative, global trends and multicultural advertising. Judy, Tony and Javier gave us a great interview, enjoy.

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“Feel The Ad Love” Podcast : Episode 10: Talking Automotive with HADA EVP RoShelle Salinas

Radio is strength for automotive advertising and the driver behind the Houston automotive market is the Houston Automobile Dealers Association lead by RoShelle Salinas, their Executive Vice President. We had the chance to sit down and talk about some of the new digital trends that most effectively reach and create response from a new generation of car buyers

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