Top 10.5 Reasons Voice-Over Classes Are Important

Voice-over classes are important for anyone who wants to make it in the VO industry. These classes teach you how to use your voice, maximize your performance, and approach voiceover auditions. They also offer lessons on microphone technique and character development. And that’s the easy part! Voice-over classes help coach you in the areas of … Read more

creating a voice over demo - Radio Lounge

Creating A Voice-Over Demo: The Basics

The voice-over demo is a crucial element in any voice actor’s toolkit. Creating one can seem like an overwhelming task, but with the right preparation and planning it will be easy to get your message across to potential clients. This blog post will explain the process of creating a professional voice-over demo that showcases your … Read more

Voiceover rates

Voiceover Rates

How much should I charge for a voiceover? The majority of voiceover questions we get here at Radio Lounge, surround the topic of rates. For many, this is new territory. How much do I charge for this eLearning project? How much should I charge for this corporate Vo gig? There are many voiceover forums out … Read more

connect to the script

Connect To The Script

“You need to better connect to the script”. I heard those words SO many times in my early days in voiceover. You see, I came from radio. And back then radio was about a) your personality, b) the sound of your voice, c) the sound of your voice, d) the sound of your voice, e) … Read more