Radio Lounge Responds to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Photo by CDC on Unsplash To our business associates, clients, voice talent, and good friends in the advertising, communications and service industry, we are witnessing challenges we have never seen in the more than 25 years of business. We want to make sure that you know, we are here. We are not in the business of crafting masks or providing the medicines and facilities to care for those who are ill. But we are in the business of communication and facilitation of the spoken word to build a bridge of understanding on how we might overcome this crisis. Our studios and offices are open as needed for the following communications needs. We are currently working in specific shifts to observe social distancing. One of the great things about our industry is that working virtually has been a daily part of everyday business for several years. Radio Lounge can support a podcast through our affiliation with the various podcasting platforms. Radio Lounge can also provide connectivity through Source Connect and our digital phone hybrid systems. COVID-19 cannot stop a conversation. If you have an important message to tell right now, let us help with the creation and distribution of that message. Be faithful, be smart, be patient, be hopeful.

Voice Over Demo Producer Tips For A Great Demo – Pt. 1

The Radio Lounge voice over demo producers share five elements of a great voice actor demo reel. An experienced voice over demo producer can be your secret weapon to gaining more voice over work. “Put your best foot forward” is not only a slogan, but it will define who you are in the world of voiceover.  Your voice over demo – your calling card – is around 60 seconds in length and for the most part, you get one chance to make that impression. Please don’t rely on a good friend without a clue to grade your demo. They are uninformed or just being nice when it comes to rating your efforts.  A good demo, or better yet, the best damn demo there ever was is a journey. Just about the time you get comfortable with the work, it’s time to freshen it up. So, this journey is never-ending.  Are you in this business for the short term, or would you like to be considered a pro whose name comes up frequently for casting and consideration? Although you might not have hung a “shingle” on your new business, it is after all a “business” and the demo is your way to making it successful. Does your voice over demo define your style? Did you ever hear a voice actor that claimed they could do different character voices, when in fact those attempts fell short? Embarrassing, weak, waste of time.  Each of us has a voice personality. Each of us has a range. Each of us has a range of talent, and we must operate in that range to achieve success.  Have you taken the time to discover that gold nugget that exists in your range? Or, are you trying to force a delivery that you will never achieve? How do we get there? By connecting with a valid professional voice coach…

"Feel The Ad Love": Podcast Episode 11- The Multicultural Advertising Message

Recently we welcomed top creative directors from around the country to judge entries at the 2020 American Advertising Federation Awards (The ADDY’s) We caught up with 3 of the judges to talk advertising and marketing. Tony Sharpe, Judy Thompson and Javier Martinez to talk about everything from content creation, logic and emotion behind the creative, global trends and multicultural advertising. Judy, Tony and Javier gave us a great interview, enjoy. (more…)

"Feel The Ad Love" Podcast : Episode 10: Talking Automotive with HADA EVP RoShelle Salinas

Radio is strength for automotive advertising and the driver behind the Houston automotive market is the Houston Automobile Dealers Association lead by RoShelle Salinas, their Executive Vice President. We had the chance to sit down and talk about some of the new digital trends that most effectively reach and create response from a new generation of car buyers (more…)

"Feel The Ad Love" Podcast Episode 9: Nicky Mondellini and The Art of Multicultural Voice Acting

Nicky Mondellini got into acting at the age of 11.  She then had a very successful run in the Telenovela “Maria Mercedes” as the character Mistica, based on Jessica Rabbit, from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.  Nicky landed in the United States in 2006 and has grown a multi-cultural voice business into an incredible venture.  Nicky has a plan and is very good about executing that plan from all aspects of the voice-over business.  Hear how she does it, along with some fun stories from the stage and television. (more…)

"Feel The Ad Love" Podcast Episode 8: Joe Biondi talks Houston Public Media and How Broadcasting Is In His Blood.

To be great in our industry, you need to explore all aspects of it, from on-air, to sales, production, and you need to spend some time in the corner office, running the show. Joe Biondi has done this and a whole lot more. Joe spends his energy crafting sponsorship opportunities for Houston Public Media. When it comes to advertising, NPR and Houston Public Media takes a different approach. You’ll enjoy hearing Joe’s story. (more…)

"Feel The Ad Love" Podcast: Bunker58 Discusses Multicultural Marketing and Making A Difference

Bunker 58 set up shop in Houston and launched a powerful marketing and advertising firm to help small and mid-size businesses envision, create, and build their brand through top digital marketing and design tools. Valentina Gomez Bravo talked with us about the challenges and benefits of landing in the most culturally diverse city in the nation. (more…)

"Feel The Ad Love" Podcast - The Seven Stages of Brand Advocacy - How To Define Your Brand, Tell Your Story, and Build Raving Fans with Savage Brand's Jackie Dryden

Jackie Dryden, the Chief Purpose Architect for Savage Brands, is a member of the Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame. We sat down with Jackie to talk about advertising, and her formula for the seven stages of brand advocacy. Take a listen and learn how you can get some of that good stuff for your brand. (more…)

Inspirational Words from Houston's "Mattress Mac" , Jim McIngvale

The American Advertising Foundation – Houston chapter recently hosted the AEFH Scholarship Awards.  It was a great day as we handed out thousands of dollars to a special group of students.  This is one of our biggest events of the year.  We also had a special guest speaker. You might know part of the story, but do you know the whole story behind the guy who “saves you money”?  Gallery Furniture has grown from humble location on I-45 North at TIdwell, to a major brand in Houston and around the world.  You’re going to want to share this Podcast with as many folks as you can. (more…)

Feel The Ad Love! Podcast: What you don't know about Digital Media, T2O The Digital Media Agency, does.

From Avatars to Chatbots, the current trends in digital media are what T2O does best.  Meet Alex Ramirez, CEO of T2O and hear an engaging conversation about all things digital, including their advanced TV rationale. T2O has a global focus on data-driven marketing.  You’ll enjoy the conversation and you might even learn a few things. (more…)

Feel The Ad Love! Podcast: Karbach Beer, World Cup Soccer and All Things Advertising

The American Advertising Federation Houston hasn’t missed a beat on the things that make an organization attractive and on the grow.  AAFH Beer’s with Peers is set for May 1st at Houston’s Karbach Brewing Company.  And with a World Cup Soccer bid up for grabs, AAFH brings the folks that can make it happen to our AAFH Luncheon, May 15th. Meet the folks that make it happen. (more…)

Ad Speaks Houston: Episode 30 - Paul W. Hobby, a Texas Trailblazer

The American Ad Federation honors Paul W. Hobby, a trailblazer, the man who brought home the national magazine of Texas.  Ray Schilens sat down with Paul prior to the award presentation to see how a guy with the Hobby Family’s rich legacy of philanthropy, and public service, fits into the business of doing  business here in Texas.   Paul W. Hobby isn’t one to waste time.  The American Ad Federation named him our 2019 Trailblazer Award Honoree.  And we did it in Texas grand style with live music from Texas Troubadour Shake Russell.  One of Paul’s biggest and latest accomplishments was to lasso a magazine that had lost its way, and to bring it back home to Texas.  As the CEO of Texas Monthly Magazine, Paul has created a bright new future for what many say is at the heart of what this state is all about.  Paul W. Hobby is Texan to the core.  Take a listen as Paul talks about everything from politics to BBQ.

Ad Speaks Houston Podcast: Episode 29- AAFH Honors Paul W. Hobby with the 2019 Trailblazer Award

The man who brought home the national magazine of Texas is this years Trailblazer Award recipient. In Texas, and especially the Houston area, his name is synonymous with commerce and culture, media and public service and have been a part of the family’s legacy for over a century. AAHF honors him Wednesday March 20th. In 2016 Paul Hobby spearheaded the acquisition of Texas Monthly Magazine, bringing the iconic publication back to Texas.  Paul has also served as Chairman of the Greater Houston Partnership, the Houston branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and the Texas Business Hall of Fame.  His story is more about what it takes to dream, to lead, and to accomplish the things that make Texas exciting.  Joining Paul at the Junior League of Houston on March 20th, is the Texas Troubadour, Shake Russell, for some great Texas Tunes.  For tickets and more info visit

Ad Speaks Houston Podcast : Episode 26: The DREAM Fund

Bad things do happen to good people. But beautiful things happen when people pull together. And teamwork is what makes our DREAM work.  Dedicating Resources to Employees of Advertising and Media (DREAM) Fund is a nonprofit foundation and the support link to the community of advertising, public relations and media professionals across the Southwest.  They exist to aid colleagues – in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas and Louisiana – through financial assistance and emotional support during times of personal crisis. Ray Schilens sits down with Executive Director Denise Novack and Rob Logan VP of Houston operations.  

Ad Speaks Houston Podcast: Episode 25: Drag Queens, Big Shiny Gold ADDY Awards, and the Best of Houston

AAF Houston Chairman Joe Ceseratto gives us a post ADDY wrap up and a taste of what’s to come in 2019. Coming off a very successful American Advertising Awards event, we get to chat with AAF-Houston Chairman Joe Cesaratto on his thoughts for the coming year.  AAF-Houston has addressed challenges with a positive team spirit and as we roll into 2019, Joe shares his vision to carry out the many programs and events on his to-do list.  Number one priority is to continue to grow our membership and focus on building our luncheon events to attract more of the advertising and marketing crowd here in Houston.  To find out more about AAF-Houston as a place that might be a great fit for you, or your company visit  And, be sure to share and subscribe to our Podcast series.

Ad Speaks Houston Podcast : Ad2 Houston's Corporate Cupid and the Next Big Opportunity

Students, recent grads and young professionals looking for their first job or next big opportunity, go face to face with hiring representatives, in a speed dating style interview. Ray Schilens talks to Ad2 President Garrett Ruffaner with how to make the most of this unique evening event. (more…)

Feel The Ad Love! Podcast: Jeffry Jones Spills The Beans on Advertising Agency Relationships

Welcome back to “Feel The Ad Love”, a podcast about all things #advertising and #marketing. This episode features Jeffry Jones, Creative Director from Freed Advertising @papalibre sharing the inside scoop on ad agency relationships and other shenanigans! (more…)

Feel The Ad Love! Podcast: "Call My Agent! The Inside Scoop on Talent Agencies"

Episode 1 – Live from the Radio Lounge, M. Bruce Abbott and Ray Schilens sit down with Cindi Davis-Andress, Partner of Pastorini Bosby Talent in Houston.  We discuss the journey from becoming a represented talent, to turning it into a successful business. (more…)

Ad Speaks Houston Podcast – AAF Houston Honors Trailblazer Paul W. Hobby

The AAF Trailblazer Awards, honoring Paul W. Hobby is now set for 2019 and John Manlove gives us details of what to expect.  In Texas, and especially Houston, the name Hobby is synonymous with commerce and culture, media and public service.  Find out how you can be a part of this event. Ad Speaks Houston is a regular feature telling the story of AAF Houston, it’s members, its programs and it’s mission.  These podcasts are also heard weekly on KPRC Radio 950 AM in Houston, Sundays at 10 AM, and streamed live on iHeart Radio.  Podcasts can also be found at

Ad Speaks Houston Podcast – AAF Houston : “ Ted Roggen and 100 Years of Getting It Right”

100 years and counting.  Have you ever wondered what would motivate someone to keep working at the age of 100?  Life lessons and sage advertising advice from one of Houston’s most iconic advertising guys. Ray Schilens talks with Ted Roggen. Ad Speaks Houston is a regular feature telling the story of AAF Houston, it’s members, its programs and it’s mission.  These podcasts are also heard weekly on KPRC Radio 950 AM in Houston, Sundays at 10 AM, and streamed live on iHeart Radio.  Podcasts can also be found at
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