M. Bruce Abbott

voiceover virtual assistant

How Outsourcing Can Transform Your Voiceover Business

In the ever-evolving voiceover industry, efficiency and focus are key to success. Many voice actors juggle multiple responsibilities, from managing day jobs to honing their craft. One powerful strategy to maximize productivity and scale operations is outsourcing. This article explores how outsourcing can revolutionize your voiceover business, drawing on insights from an experienced voice actor … Read more

telephony voiceover such as IVR and On-hold messages

Tips for Telephony Voiceover: On-Hold Messages and IVR

Telephony voiceover, encompassing on-hold messages and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), is a niche yet vital part of the voice acting industry. Drawing from our experience here at Radio Lounge, check out these practical tips for voice actors looking to break into this genre. Understand the Different Types of Telephony Voiceover Telephony voiceover is an umbrella … Read more

Getting into audiobook voiceover

Tips for Aspiring Audiobook Voice Actors

Audiobook narration is a unique and rewarding field within voice acting, requiring a blend of storytelling prowess, vocal endurance, and interpretive skill. Check out these practical tips for voice actors looking to excel in audiobook narration. Understand the Commitment Audiobook narration is not just about reading a book aloud. It’s a performance that demands a … Read more

Navigating AI in voiceover as a voice actor

Navigating the AI Landscape as a Voice Actor in 2024

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various industries, including voice acting, has sparked a mix of fear, uncertainty, and speculation among professionals. The feeling of AI taking away work can be scary. Here are some insights and strategies to navigate the AI landscape effectively. Understanding the Impact of AI on Voice Acting AI’s advancement … Read more

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