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Navigating AI in voiceover as a voice actor

Navigating the AI Landscape as a Voice Actor in 2024

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various industries, including voice acting, has sparked a mix of fear, uncertainty, and speculation among professionals. The feeling of AI taking away work can be scary. Here are some insights and strategies to navigate the AI landscape effectively. Understanding the Impact of AI on Voice Acting AI’s advancement … Read more

Step up your voiceover marketing in 2024

Adjusting Your VOICEOVER Marketing Efforts in 2024

As we step into 2024, it’s crucial for businesses, especially those in the voiceover industry, to adapt their marketing strategies to align with emerging trends. Based on industry insights, here are what we believe are some key marketing trends and how to adjust your efforts for success in 2024. 1. Emphasize Personalization 2. Focus on … Read more

Best use of social media in 2024 for voice actors

THE Best Ways to Use Social Media in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, staying ahead of trends is crucial for effective engagement and growth. Based on industry insights, here are our top trends and strategies for leveraging social media in 2024: 1. Telling Better Stories 2. Social Search Optimization 3. Being More Selective with Platforms 4. Growth of Text-Only Content 5. … Read more

voiceover social media

Harnessing Social Media as a Voiceover Talent in 2023

The year is 2023, and the digital landscape is ever-evolving. Voiceover talents have a unique challenge: How can they effectively market themselves to gain work? Enter social media – a platform that offers an unparalleled opportunity for voice artists to showcase their talent, and connect with potential clients. Here’s how voiceover professionals can leverage social … Read more

preparing for a voiceover audition

Preparing For A Voiceover Audition

Voiceover auditions can be a nerve-wracking experience for even the most seasoned talent. After all, you are going in front of a casting director to demonstrate your vocal abilities and prove you have the perfect voice for the project. It is important to prepare thoroughly so that you look professional and make a great impression. … Read more

voiceover script analysis

Script Analysis In Voiceover

Voice acting is a unique art form that requires excellent communication and performance skills, as well as careful script analysis. Script analysis is an essential part of voiceover work and involves evaluating the text of a script, breaking it down into manageable parts, and analyzing its meaning. Knowing how to properly analyze a script allows … Read more

How Much Should I Audition

How much Should I Audition?

Aspiring actors, singers, and other performers have more opportunities to showcase their talents than ever before. The internet has opened up many doors for those who wish to pursue a career in performance arts, offering a variety of different platforms and avenues for them to audition. But how often should such creative professionals be auditioning? … Read more

what is an audio producer

What Is An Audio Producer?

An audio producer is a professional who specializes in the production of audio, such as music and sound effects. Audio producers are responsible for managing all aspects of the production process, including recording and editing sound, mixing audio elements together to create a cohesive sonic landscape, and ensuring that the final product meets the desired … Read more

best microphone for voice over

What Is The Best Microphone For Voice Over in 2023?

Looking to find the best microphone for voiceover? Are you looking for the best microphone for voice-over? With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve put together this review of the top voiceover microphones on the market. We based our criteria on several … Read more