Voice Talent Spotlight: John Boudreaux

john Boudreaux Voice Actor
John Boudreaux – Commercial Voiceover Demo

Voice Talent Showcase: John Boudreuax. John came to the Radio Lounge voice coaching program with a BIG RADIO VOICE. Here at the Lounge, we specialize in helping current and former radio talent, lose the “radio read” and help find their natural, authentic voice that connects so well in voice acting. A few sessions in – a path of discovery for John’s potential – we found that his hot spot was a comfortable, laid back delivery, much like the incredible Tom Bodett, the Motel 6 voiceover guy, from one of the most iconic radio marketing campaigns ever.  So off we went, fine tuning John’s delivery.  John was a great student because he heard the potential as well. 

We got a great demo, John had a ton of fun along the way and the voiceover industry gained a new, well-qualified talent.  John’s story is not unique to the Radio Lounge program.  It happens with every voiceover student we work with.  And it’s just as much fun for us.  John is now represented by PB Talent here in Houston and we cannot wait to see what happens next.  Well done, John!

As voice actors, we all have a voice niche.  If you’re wondering what yours might be, let’s talk about it. Check out all of the voice over coaching and voiceover demo services at Radio Lounge.


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