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Radio Lounge specializes in all things podcasting, voiceover and audio production.

Podcasting Production + Consulting

Podcast production and consulting clients discover the “how and why” necessary to bring their podcasts to life and grow a captive audience.

Voiceover Coaching + Voiceover Demos

Voiceover coaching and voiceover demo clients discover their “voice” and are taught the skills they need to make VO a realistic business venture.

Audio Production + Sound Design

Our sound design and audio production clients find love having Radio Lounge as a partner, because we get them to where they want to be and take their sound experience to the next level.

From coaching and production, to high end voice over demos; if it involves audio, Radio Lounge is here to help you.

It’s all about the experience; great creativity can’t happen without a great experience. Relationships give us the opportunity to work closely with agencies and direct clients.

Experienced Sound Professionals

Radio Lounge has been doing what we do for almost a quarter of a century, and many of our clients have been with us for our entire journey. On this journey, we have discovered the three keys to developing long-term relationships: be there when clients need, give them more than they expect, and love and respect their dreams.

CLIENT feedback

In this crazy fast paced world we live in these days, they care about the people that they work with and to me that is pretty much everything.

– Dave Howell, Voice Actor

Consummate professionals who are warm, friendly and make whatever project you’re working on enjoyable and fun. You’ll be so glad you chose to work with Radio Lounge.

– Annette Rainesalo, Voice Actor

Ready to launch your podcast or voiceover career?

Learn more about our voiceover training, voiceover demos, podcasting, sound design and audio production services. Give Radio Lounge a call – (281) 494-4680