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Radio Lounge specializes in all things podcasting, voiceover and audio production. 

Podcast production and consulting clients discover the “how and why” necessary to bring their podcasts to life and grow a captive audience.

Voiceover coaching and voiceover demo clients discover their “voice” and are taught the skills they need to make VO a realistic business venture.

Our sound design and audio production clients find love having Radio Lounge as a partner, because we get them to where they want to be and take their sound experience to the next level.

From coaching and production, to high end voice over demos; if it involves audio, Radio Lounge is here to help you.

It’s all about the experience; great creativity can’t happen without a great experience. Relationships give us the opportunity to work closely with agencies and direct clients.

Radio Lounge has been doing what we do for almost a quarter of a century, and many of our clients have been with us for our entire journey. On this journey, we have discovered the three keys to developing long-term relationships: be there when clients need, give them more than they expect, and love and respect their dreams.



We know sound. We do amazing things with sound.  That’s what you would expect. What keeps clients coming back to Radio Lounge year after year?  We call it the ‘secret sauce’.

Although we were not exactly sure how to put it into words, we knew we had something special. Our clients knew it too. The best descriptive we have heard is  “a combination of professionalism, production savvy, reliability, personality and friendship that makes Radio Lounge sessions seem less like work and more like a fun, comfortable destination.”

It just kind of happened; possibly due to our passion for sound projects – a desire to make creating audio “fun”, and genuine love for our clients.

Sure, we provide podcasting, voiceover and production services for our clients, but it’s the secret sauce that keeps those clients coming back.


Yes, Our Clients Really Said That!

“Passionate, great production value, no risk…my only supplier who is a true partner. They go above and beyond. I consider Radio Lounge to be my production studio ‘down the hall’. Accessible, willing to help, never intrusive, collaborative, and very positive.” – Dallas Baker, ACD with Hoffman | Lewis, San Francisco
"Out of the box thinking. Cutting edge ideas. They’ve done nothing but exemplary work and continually provide a quality product to me.” – Walter Hammock, Hammock Advertising
“Ray and Bruce at Radio Lounge are the Dynamic Duo of audio production. By which I mean they are astonishingly talented, ridiculously accommodating and, above all, they manage to make work fun. Which also indicates some proficiency in magic. I love Radio Lounge and you should too.” – Jeffry Jones, ACD with Freed Advertising, Houston
“They care about the customer…classy, talented, customer focused, quick turnaround, the highest ethical standards, nice guys to work with…overall the finest people” – Patrick Guerra, The Guerra Group
"Thank you SO much for all your hard work on this project. You made it a fun process and have given me a voiceover demo I can be proud to market anywhere. You ROCK!" Annette Rainesalo-Get Me That Voice
“I have several demos but I needed one that showcased my bilingual abilities in a fun and engaging way, so naturally I thought about Ray and Bruce, they not only have years of experience as audio producers but I really trust their creative ideas for writing the scripts and choosing the perfect music for each spot. They're also amazing directors with a trained ear so they know exactly what works and what doesn't. I'm really happy with my demo, I've had lots of compliments from clients and I've booked plenty of work because of it!” - Nicki Mondellini, Voice Actor
"We wanted to create the American Advertising Federation Houston podcast. We were able to secure the hour with my company but had no idea how to proceed. The team at Radio Lounge walked us through the process - took over the interview process, interviewing board members of AAF Houston, along with interviewing luncheon and event speakers. He took care of the questions, getting the recordings to our studios on time and exactly how it is needed. He took care of everything from nuts to bolts. We can’t thank Radio Lounge enough. They made the process easy and fun - Joe Cesaratto/VP, iHeart Media Houston, AAF Houston Chapter
"Normally a person may go a lifetime before finding two better people to work with. Ray Schilens and Bruce Abbott are amazing for their combined knowledge and expertise in the voice over and recording industry. More than their abundance of knowledge they are both extremely easy to talk to and just about the most pleasant two guys to be around as you’ll ever find. Another quality that they both pocess and one that is so difficult to find in this crazy fast paced world we live in these days is they care about the people that they work with and to me that is pretty much everything. Thank you Ray and Bruce for being yourselves." - Dave Howell,


Services include:   Audio production for radio and television, IVR/on-hold, and other multimedia applications including elearning, explainer videos and more.  Radio Lounge also provides sound design for attractions and on-location, sound to picture, podcast production, podcasting consulting, podcast distribution and podcast hosting.  With an extensive background in casting and production, we also provide voiceovers, voice coaching, and voiceover demos.  If it involves audio…we do it!



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