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audio production for exhibits Houston TX
Sound design for Nickelodeon and Moody Gardens


When Moody Gardens wanted to turn a visual experience into a rich immersive experience, they called on Radio Lounge to design and execute a wide variety of audio experiences throughout their venue. From Festival of Lights to Iceland’s SpongeBob Squarepants.

Escape Hunt wanted visitors to get a next level experience at their Apollo 13 puzzle, Radio Lounge delivered it with sound design for the space control center, the Apollo capsule and lunar excursion module.

Radio Lounge also created a vintage aviation vibe for the Houston Air Terminal Museum, located at Houston’s historic Hobby Airport, with sounds of an air terminal of the 1940’s.

Adding sound to a visual environment adds an important sensory element that takes people deeper into the experience. Sound alone can drive imagination, but when paired with the elements of sight, touch and smell, it enriches the experience. From a budget and execution standpoint, sound design is the most economically efficient way to take any venue to the next level.  

The best things happen when you create an audio environment that allows creatives, producers, directors, and talent to bring their greatest ideas to life with sound.

For over two decades Radio Lounge has hosted a wide variety of agencies and direct clients from around the world to produce award winning work for broadcast (radio and television), eLearning, corporate multimedia, IVR/phone systems, sound to picture , tape sync / sync to tape and other  various digital media.

Our studios are well equipped with the most up to date production tools, and engineers that make sessions productive and fun. Our “no nickel and dime” attitude means you won’t be paying for those little extras like needle drops for music and sound effects that other studios charge.

Radio Lounge connects clients and talent globally. We also understand the value of relationships. Many of our clients have been with us for the past two decades. Feel the Love is our mantra. And we think it’s time you got some love too.

Audio production - Houston, TX
Sound Design for Escape Hunt – Apollo 13 Mockup