Quick Voiceover Tip: Your Voiceover BUSINESS

Quick Voiceover Tip: Your Voiceover BUSINESS. Yes, it truly is a business. Not a hobby. But a bonafide BUSINESS!

Success in any endeavor is accomplished when you formulate a plan and work the heck out of that plan.  It’s the same for the VO business.  You’ll get busy as you grow your voiceover business, but would it surprise you that most successful voice actors spend only 5% of their time in the studio?  The other 95% is spent growing your VO brand.

Michael Gerber has a great book called E-Myth-Revisited, and you can apply Michael’s philosophy to your VO business.  Well worth the read and it might help you big time. This helps you get your head around the elements of your business, and help figure out ways to move from working IN your business, to working ON your business. It is a classic read.

You’ve entered the VO biz armed with a demo, but has anybody given you some guidelines to go beyond hanging out your shingle?

Don’t be afraid to make those phone calls.  Introduce yourself to every agency you can, in person.  Arm yourself with a great website.  Meet new people every day.  Relationships might take time to blossom, but you will never succeed if you spend time in the booth. 

If you are not the entrepreneurial type, consider finding someone who can be that business building connection, like an agent, or multiple agents. 

This is your VO business, and it will fail if you don’t follow this simple rule of engagement.

And don’t forget the importance of continued voiceover coaching and offering up a great voiceover demo. Radio Lounge can help there, too!


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Quick Voiceover Tip: Your Voiceover BUSINESS

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