Quick Voiceover Tip: Phone Patch

voiceover tip - phone patch

Quick Voiceover Tip: Phone Patch.

Many voice over sessions require you to connect to a client or producer via the phone. This is actually easier than it sounds.

Sure, to do a legitimate digital audio phone hybrid, you are going to spend $500-1000 dollars on a unit that becomes a part of your recording rig. JK Audio does a great job of giving you several options. The JK Audio Broadcast Host is priced around $500 and the company has a long history of building quality digital hybrid boxes. You want one, go get one, they work great.
But, is that your only option?


No, it’s not. Several voice actors simply connect to a client using their smartphone with a set of earbuds. You will be using only one of the earbuds. The other one is simply tucked in your shirt behind your back (to avoid bleed into the mic). We like to either put one side of your headphones on one ear and the earbud in the other, or the headphones over both ears (with the earbud in your ear under the headphone. They hear you; you hear them and magically you have given the client exactly what they want. Just make sure your phone is charged and you’re in a good spot for error free connectivity.


And to be honest…in moments where technology is just not your friend, we have executed voiceover sessions simply with a handset up to one ear. Cordless in this case, but it could be a good old fashioned land line. Sure, it restricts freedom of hand movement a little bit, but it works. The client hears you fine. The session goes well. And you can curse the tech gods later.

Online Options

Need more options, how about FaceTime, SKYPE, or even Zoom. Any one of these platforms works great. Technology will eventually eliminate the hardware we once needed and give us better, faster, and more efficient ways to connect.

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Quick Voiceover Tip: Phone Patch

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