Quick Voiceover Tip: Room Acoustics

Todays’ daily quick voiceover tip: room acoustics. Shape, materials, and size matters. A bad room size is an equal to or a multiple of itself.  Let me explain.  If your room is 4 feet by 4 feet with a ceiling height of 8 feet, you have manufactured a dysfunctional space.  Walls should not be a multiple of each other. You can attempt to fix it with foam or ROXUL or whatever, but if you build it right you won’t need to fix it.  Take the tape measure out when setting up your space, and make sure you don’t fall into the standing waves trap.

And should you use the foam acoustics that come in these types of packages? (See Auralex package here on Amazon)

You could…but we recommend something a bit thicker and and more substantial. We recommend products by Acoustimac. Great people and a great product! We will address more room tips and acoustic products in future daily quick voiceover tips.

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Voiceover Tip - Room Acoustics - Voice over
A few Acoustimac panels here at Radio Lounge


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