Quick Voiceover Tip: Be Professional

voiceover tip - be professional

Quick Voiceover Tip: Be professional. This is a business. You are a professional, regardless if you are a full-time voice actor, or part time voice talent.

Do it Like a Pro – You get one chance to make an impression. Do it right and they’ll call you back. Screw it up and you’re history. This is YOUR business. Build your VO brand by doing the right stuff.

From time to time you will not be recording from your home rig. Give yourself plenty of travel time, arriving no less than 30 minutes prior to your session time. Arriving early is a start. Appearance is the next priority. You forgot to shave, need a trip to your favorite stylist, found your favorite shirt (wrinkled) and threw that on. Seriously? Bad vibes mean you’ve made your client uncomfortable. Don’t do that. Be professional.

Here are a few real stories from our past 25 years in the voiceover business:

  • She showed up late and blamed it on a train. The clock was ticking, and the client wasn’t happy.
  • He arrived wearing his best sweats. Great voice actor but he made a bad impression for both the agency and the client.
  • The talent didn’t bring the script. Not only should you have the script in hand, but you should have that script marked-up and rehearsed like it was the most important thing you ever did.
  • The talent wasn’t feeling great but decided to share their germs with everybody at the session. Beyond our current health crisis, this is and has always been a bad idea.

Although people make jokes about “working in your pajamas” when referring to their voice over business, that is not always the case. Sure, if you are cranking out voiceover work in solitary (in your booth). However, you wouldn’t meet with a client unprepared or look unprofessional in any other industry. Voiceover is no exception. Be Professional

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Quick Voiceover Tip: Be Professional

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