Self-Promotion Is Necessary For A Voice Actor

It’s true whether you like it or not, self-promotion IS necessary for a voice actor to have success in this business. One of our favorite sayings around Radio Lounge is “speaking in front of the mic is the easy part”. You’ve got to hustle to get the work.

That means you need to get used to the idea of talking about yourself – and SELLING yourself. It makes many people uncomfortable, but that is just part of the VO game.

” I hate bragging about myself”. We’re not saying you should go overboard and become conceited, but clients are busy and they don’t really have the time to brag about you and promote you on their projects. That leaves you to handle your own promotion.

I don’t think we have to explain why this is so important. “You can’t get hired if you don’t get found, y’all” as we might say here in Texas. You have to have an online presence – your website, social media, networking groups, whatever gets you in front of people. Share your work. Showcase projects you have done. Offer spec samples to clients you meet. You are your best (and really ONLY salesperson).

You must embrace this and become comfortable with it. No one will do the hustle for you. Sure, you might outsource certain promotional tasks, but ultimately to have to find comfort in the uncomfortable.

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Self-Promotion Is Necessary For A Voice Actor

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