Quick Voiceover Tip: Client sessions

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Quick Voiceover Tip: Client sessions

Some voice actors love working directly with a client in a session because of the immediate feedback; when the session is finished it is truly finished. Some voice actors do NOT like working with the client because – well, sometimes the client doesn’t exactly know what they want, or maybe is not experienced in bringing that out in a voice talent. Some believe you can just give the client a few options and leave it at that. And, sometimes (rarely) that’s the case. However, we find that sometimes leads to back and forth emails trying to nail down a read.

We believe that spending time with the client during the session will always work more efficiently and result in a much better product. Be willing to explore different reads, understanding that what the client wants, what the client needs to hear. Your session is a team effort from start to finish.

Patience in that session will take you a long way, even when the session is longer than expected. Be nice, keep that positive energy until the last take, and thank the client for helping direct you. That builds the talent/client relationship bond. Remember there are thousands of other options out there. They chose you. Make sure you’re still at the top of the list for the next opportunity.

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Quick voiceover tip: client sessions

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