Quick Voiceover Tip: The Lawn Guys

quick voiceover tip - lawn guys

Quick Voiceover Tip : The Lawn Guys – The arch nemesis of the voice actor. That buzz of lawn equipment can bring a productive voice over session to a screeching halt. Unless you have a four to five figure budget to create a proper space using mass and de-coupling, you’ve got to work around weed-wackers, garbage trucks, thunderstorms, and barking dogs.

Find a space that gives you the biggest benefit to start. You are most likely in a home or apartment. Find a space that is has (preferably) no windows, is away from family noise, is in the center of your home/apartment aways from outside walls, and is not close to an outdoor HVAC unit. Make the space yours, not a shared, multifunctional space.

If you are in a construction phase, or have the opportunity to do so, we like adding the Soundsulate Sound Block mass material or Noisegrabber Sound Vinyl. This stuff really helps!

The important takeaway here is you need mass, not sound absorption. Acoustic panels (like these we use from Acoustimac) will help tame reflections and improve sound quality…but will do little about your lawn guys. There are products out there such as this Snap Studio Portable Vocal Booth that give you a tight, reflection free sound, but again will not keep out the dreaded sound of lawn guys.

The reality is that until you can have a custom built booth, or one of the more expensive options like WhisperRoom, StudioBricks, etc., you may have to do the best you can for what you have.

Another quick voiceover tip about lawn guys – avoid them by recording early mornings or evenings if possible 🙂

Until next time, check out all of our Radio Lounge voiceover services.


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