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4 Tips to Becoming A Better Podcast Interviewer

Want to be a better podcast interviewer? Here are a quick 4 tips to become a better podcast interviewer. Be well prepared. Know your questions. Learn what you can about the guest.  What is the reason you are interviewing your guest? What is the focus?  Get right to the meat of the interview.  A little … Read more

Voiceover Rates: Know Your Value

There has been a lot of discussion lately about voiceover rates: know your value! Think about this for a moment. If you charged bargain-basement rates, what would impression would that give a potential (or current client)? Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are filled with bottom-feeding talent. Either the client will believe you are not a … Read more

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Multilingual Voiceover: Take Advantage Of More Opportunities

Do you speak more than one language. Take advantage of more opportunities with multilingual voiceover offerings. “el doble de idiomas, el doble de oportunidades” In our multi-cultural world, being able to understand and speak more than one language is leverage.  In the world of voiceover, it’s money. We work with several bi-lingual voice actors, especially … Read more

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Quick Voiceover Tip: Fishing For VO Gigs

Quick Voiceover Tip: Fishing For VO Gigs. We all want more voiceover work. The key is to diversify. So let’s look at fishing. Yes…fishing. Yeah, this is about your VO business, but let’s look at this from a fishing perspective.  You go fishing, but you only have one line in the water.  You have now … Read more

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Quick Voiceover Tip: Your Voiceover BUSINESS

Quick Voiceover Tip: Your Voiceover BUSINESS. Yes, it truly is a business. Not a hobby. But a bonafide BUSINESS! Success in any endeavor is accomplished when you formulate a plan and work the heck out of that plan.  It’s the same for the VO business.  You’ll get busy as you grow your voiceover business, but … Read more

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Quick Voiceover Tip: It’s Not About Your Voice

Quick Voiceover Tip: It’s Not About Your Voice. I know that seems counterintuitive. We are talking about voice over. Where the only thing being presented is…well, your voice. No good looks. No fancy camera tricks. Just your voice and a microphone. Remember the old-school announcers. “We’ll be back after these commercial messages”. We haven’t heard … Read more

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5 Ways To Grow As A Podcast Host

We all want to be better hosts. Here are 5 ways to grow as a podcast host. 1. Be yourself.  Don’t create a character or put your mind and presentation in an uncomfortable place.  You are not Marc Maron. You are you!  You are a curious person, #beyourself and grow your PodBrand, and grow as … Read more

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Quick Voiceover Tip: Union Vs. Non-Union

Quick Voiceover Tip: Union Vs. Non-Union. This is one of the most common questions we get asked in voice over coaching. This is the fork in the road, and you get to decide which direction you take.  Both roads will take you on a great journey.  Both roads will have a few bumps along the … Read more

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Quick Voiceover Tip: Finding A Niche

Quick Voiceover Tip: Finding a Niche. Where do I fit.  Better yet, what niche best fits me?  You may ask yourself this question as you progress in your voice over career. Should I focus on audiobooks? eLearning? Promo work? There are a few questions to ask yourself. What kind of work have you been booking … Read more

Voice Talent Spotlight: John Boudreaux

Voice Talent Showcase: John Boudreuax. John came to the Radio Lounge voice coaching program with a BIG RADIO VOICE. Here at the Lounge, we specialize in helping current and former radio talent, lose the “radio read” and help find their natural, authentic voice that connects so well in voice acting. A few sessions in – … Read more