Voiceover Rates

Voiceover rates

How much should I charge for a voiceover?

The majority of voiceover questions we get here at Radio Lounge, surround the topic of rates. For many, this is new territory.

How much do I charge for this eLearning project?

How much should I charge for this corporate Vo gig?

There are many voiceover forums out there, and these questions fill the forums everyday.

Here is your answer.

There are two extremely helpful websites when it comes to rates.

GVAA posts an active rate guide at GVAA Rate Guide | Global Voice Acting Academy | Voice Over Coaching & Classes (globalvoiceacademy.com)

GVAA’s rate guide is broken out into the most popular voiceover project categories and gives you a nice range to help build your project quote.

Gravy For The Brain is another popular voice over site, and has a nice page devoted to rates at Rate Guide – Gravy For The Brain – Rates

The GFTB’s website also has a feature where you can narrow down the country you are quoting for, as many international projects vary in rates from here in the states.

If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, reach to us here at Radio Lounge, or to your favorite voice over forum on social media. There are many pros out there to help you.

Hopefully this helps you formulate a solid quote for your potential project.

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