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Today we want to debunk a popular voiceover booth soundproofing myth. You know the challenges. Just looking at the lawnmower picture takes you back to that session. In the room…ready to record…or maybe even in the middle of recording….RRRRRRR..BUZZZZZZZZ….SOMEONE IS CUTTING THE LAWN OUTSIDE!!!

Maybe it’s the plane flying over.

The loud car driving by.

What is the first thing that voice actors end up putting on the walls?

Sound foam.

Let’s clear a few things up. Without getting too technical, there is a difference between sound TREATMENT and sound PROOFING. Treatment is the act of minimizing or controlling reflections. Essentially getting rid of reverberant sounds and odd echoes. It makes your recording area sound tighter.

But it won’t block out that lawnmower.

For that purpose – soundPROOFING – you need mass. Mass is the only way to reduce those outside sounds from bleeding onto your recording. That is why prebuilt or custom-built voiceover booths from companies like VocalBooth.com and WhisperRoom are so popular (and their not cheap!!). Thick walls of sheetrock, MDF, or other heavy material is what you need to block out plains, trains, and automobiles.

So before you go out and spend several hundred dollars covering your room in foam, ask yourself what the goal is. Reduce room echo? The foam will be OK. Block out the lawnmower? Mass will be your friend.

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Voiceover Booth Soundproofing Myth – Debunked

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