Voiceover Performance: Taste The Words

voiceover performance taste the words

In voiceover performance, taste the words.

How does the word hot sound to you?

Is it HOT! Or, is it just…meh, hot?

You’ve got a script and you gloss over the copy to put punctuation in, create natural breaks, set the tone and energy of each phrase, but have you taken the time to focus on the words that need a natural response to their meaning? The magic happens when you equally weight the message with the proper values of the words. That is called tasting.

One of the big voiceover performance challenges we work with is inserting emotion into a read. The ability to make words sound like they feel. Of course, you can overdo it and make a read phony and not authentic.

Before your next audition, find a few scripts and look for those words that have a taste as well as a sound. Too many voice actors forget to do that and as a result, the intent of the message is completely lost. Learn how to “taste” words in your voiceover performance.

A master at tasting words, is Morgan Freeman. He could read the phone book and you would hang on every word!

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Voiceover Performance: Taste The Words

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