Handling Rejection

Handling rejection is one of the toughest parts of being a voice actor.

You can get over an old girlfriend, but can you recover when you are rejected for a commercial, especially when in your mind, the audition was award-winning? 

Rejection is part of the game

You are going to audition for a ton of work, and from time to time, you are going to land a few gigs.  Keep one thing in mind. You are going to land FAR FEWER gigs than you will ever audition for. Even the biggest movie actors on the planet compete for key roles. Guess what. Many times another actor was a better fit for the role. Does that make the actor a bad actor? Nope. It just wasn’t the right fit.

Don’t take rejection personally

Rejection kills momentum, kills spirit, and kills intent to keep trying.  If you let it. After a while you will either allow yourself the benefit that landing gigs takes a lot of work and you will keep going, keep trying, or you will give up in frustration. 

Rejection sucks, but it is part of how this voice acting thing works.  If the rejection side of the equation is larger than the job side, get some coaching, make an appointment with your shrink, and find a way to change that.  This is voiceover, nobody ever said it was going to be a cake walk.  Can you handle it?

Embrace rejection

Here is a tip. Try to get as many rejections as possible. In other words, keep going after those projects. Keep auditioning. Keep working with a voiceover coach. Keep updating your voice over demos and keep persisting.

There is plenty of work out there. Just don’t let rejection get the best of you.


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Handling Rejection

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