Top Reasons You Are Not Booking Auditions as a Voice Actor

Voice acting is a competitive field, and booking auditions can be challenging. These tips assume your voice acting chops are up to speed. If not, you may want to look into voice acting lessons or some other kinds of voiceover coaching.

Assuming you are a competitive candidate, here are some valuable insights on common mistakes voice actors make during auditions. Here are the top reasons why your auditions might not be converting into bookings:

1. Not Reading the Instructions

  • Rushing Can Lead to Mistakes: In the haste to submit auditions quickly, many voice actors skip reading the instructions thoroughly. This can lead to immediate disqualification as many casting directors use instructions as a vetting tool.
  • Attention to Detail is Key: Instructions often contain crucial information about the audition. Ignoring them can result in a submission that doesn’t meet the client’s needs.

2. Slating Incorrectly

  • Follow Specific Requests: Some auditions require a slate (a short introduction at the beginning of your audition), while others do not. It’s essential to adhere to the audition’s specific requirements regarding slating.
  • Keep It Professional and Concise: If a slate is required, it should be professional and to the point. Avoid including unnecessary information like your experience or equipment.

3. Incorrect Submission Format

  • MP3s vs. Links: Some auditions require an MP3 file, while others may ask for a link to your demo or website. Submitting in the wrong format can lead to your audition being overlooked.
  • Adhere to Specific Requests: Always provide what is specifically asked for in the audition instructions, whether it’s an attached file or a link.

4. Mislabeling Your File

  • Organization is Crucial: Agents and casting directors often have specific naming conventions for files to keep track of numerous auditions. Incorrectly labeled files can get lost or ignored.
  • Follow Naming Instructions: Pay close attention to how you are instructed to name your file. This simple step is vital for ensuring your audition is reviewed.

5. Misjudging Your Ability to Match the Specs

  • Be Realistic About Your Voice: As you age or as your skills develop, the types of roles you are suited for may change. It’s important to be realistic about what your voice can convincingly portray.
  • Select Auditions Wisely: Avoid wasting time on auditions that don’t match your vocal profile. Being selective can increase your chances of success.

Bonus Tip: Proper Email Subject Lines

  • Follow Instructions for Email Submissions: When submitting auditions via email, pay attention to any specific subject line instructions. This helps in sorting and organizing submissions and shows your attention to detail.

Improving in these areas can significantly increase your chances of booking more voice acting roles. Remember, each audition is an opportunity to showcase your talent and professionalism, so give each one the attention and care it deserves.