Should I Slate My Voiceover Auditions?

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Today’s Quick Voiceover Tip: Should I Slate My Voice Over Auditions?

When it comes to voiceover auditions, one of the most common questions is whether or not you should slate. Slating is when you introduce yourself and your name before beginning the audition. It’s a way for casting directors to easily identify who they are listening to.

The answer to this question depends on the situation and what type of audition you are doing. Generally speaking, if you are auditioning for a commercial or animation role, then slating is recommended. This allows casting directors to quickly identify who they are listening to and can help them make their decision faster.

However, if you are auditioning for a character role in an audio drama or radio play, then slating may not be necessary. In these types of auditions, it can be distracting for the listener if you slate your name before beginning your performance. Instead, focus on delivering a strong performance that will capture the attention of the casting director without having to slate your name first.

What about slating auditions on Pay To Play (P2P) Sites?

This is where things get confusing. For all the reason listed above to slate, certain situations arise where you are one of MANY talent auditioning for a role. In fact, most large scale auditions are only listened to FOR THE FIRST TWO SECONDS. In this case, you might want to skip the slate and get right to the engaging part – the performance.

Slate auditions properly

When it comes to slating, there are some important things to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure that your slate sounds natural and conversational rather than stiff and formal. You want it to sound like an introduction rather than a recitation of facts about yourself.

Additionally, try not to use too many words when slating; just give your name and perhaps a brief description of what kind of role you’re auditioning for (e.g., “I’m John Smith and I’m here today to read for the role of Bob”).

Voiceover Slates Can Be Distracting

Don’t make the slate a distraction

It’s also important to remember that slating should enhance your performance rather than detract from it. If done correctly, it can help set the tone for your audition and give casting directors an idea of what kind of performer you are even before they hear you speak or sing a single line!

Well…it depends

Overall, whether or not you should slate during voiceover auditions is ultimately up to personal preference as well as the type of role that you’re auditioning for. However, if done correctly with just enough information given but not too much detail included, slating can be an effective way to introduce yourself during an audition and help ensure that casting directors know who they’re listening too!

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