Room Acoustics

voiceover booth soundproofing

Voiceover Booth Soundproofing

Myth DEBUNKED! Today we want to debunk a popular voiceover booth soundproofing myth. You know the challenges. Just looking at the lawnmower picture takes you back to that session. In the room…ready to record…or maybe even in the middle of recording….RRRRRRR..BUZZZZZZZZ….SOMEONE IS CUTTING THE LAWN OUTSIDE!!! Maybe it’s the plane flying over. The loud car … Read more

The IMPORTANCE OF Vocal Booth Sound Proofing

The Lawn Guys – The arch nemesis of the voice actor. That buzz of lawn equipment can bring a productive voice over session to a screeching halt. Unless you have a four to five figure budget to create a proper space using mass and de-coupling, you’ve got to work around weed-wackers, garbage trucks, thunderstorms, and … Read more

Voiceover Room Acoustics

Todays’ daily quick voiceover tip: room acoustics. Shape, materials, and size matters. A bad room size is an equal to or a multiple of itself.  Let me explain.  If your room is 4 feet by 4 feet with a ceiling height of 8 feet, you have manufactured a dysfunctional space.  Walls should not be a … Read more