“Feel The Ad Love” Podcast : Episode 10: Talking Automotive with HADA EVP RoShelle Salinas

Radio is strength for automotive advertising and the driver behind the Houston automotive market is the Houston Automobile Dealers Association lead by RoShelle Salinas, their Executive Vice President. We had the chance to sit down and talk about some of the new digital trends that most effectively reach and create...

Ad Speaks Houston Podcast – AAF Houston Honors Trailblazer Paul W. Hobby

The AAF Trailblazer Awards, honoring Paul W. Hobby is now set for 2019 and John Manlove gives us details of what to expect.  In Texas, and especially Houston, the name Hobby is synonymous with commerce and culture, media and public service.  Find out how you can be a part of...

Ad Speaks Houston Podcast – AAF Houston : “ Ted Roggen and 100 Years of Getting It Right”

100 years and counting.  Have you ever wondered what would motivate someone to keep working at the age of 100?  Life lessons and sage advertising advice from one of Houston’s most iconic advertising guys. Ray Schilens talks with Ted Roggen. Ad Speaks Houston is a regular feature telling the story...

Ad Speaks Houston Podcast – AAF Houston : “Strut Your Creative Stuff at The Addy Awards”

Here come the ADDY Awards, and this year, it’s expected to be the biggest and best, with new categories, and an opportunity to strut your creative genius.  Alvin Wright gives us an ADDY’s update. Ad Speaks Houston is a regular feature telling the story of AAF Houston, it’s members, its...

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