Tips for Telephony Voiceover: On-Hold Messages and IVR

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Telephony voiceover, encompassing on-hold messages and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), is a niche yet vital part of the voice acting industry. Drawing from our experience here at Radio Lounge, check out these practical tips for voice actors looking to break into this genre.

Understand the Different Types of Telephony Voiceover

Telephony voiceover is an umbrella term that includes different types of phone messages. The two main categories are IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and message on hold. IVR involves guiding callers through a menu (e.g., “For sales, press 1”), while message on hold might include information about the company or promotions while a caller waits.

Embrace the Genre’s Importance

Telephony voiceover might not be as glamorous as other voice acting genres, but it plays a crucial role in customer service and brand representation. A pleasant, clear voice can significantly enhance a caller’s experience, making this genre both impactful and rewarding.

Develop a Clear, Friendly Tone

The key to successful telephony voiceover is a clear, friendly, and professional tone. Your voice needs to be engaging enough to keep callers informed and patient, especially when they are on hold or navigating through menus.

Practice Script Interpretation

Telephony scripts require a specific style of interpretation. They are generally straightforward but need a touch of warmth to avoid sounding robotic. Practice reading scripts with a focus on clarity and friendliness, ensuring your voice guides callers effectively.

Invest in Quality Equipment

As with any voiceover work, the quality of your recording equipment is crucial. For telephony work, clear audio is even more critical since the output often goes through phone speakers, which can distort sound. Invest in a good microphone and recording setup to ensure your voice is heard clearly and pleasantly.

Market Your Services Strategically

Marketing your telephony voiceover services requires targeting businesses that value customer service and understand the importance of a professional phone presence. Networking with businesses directly, or partnering with companies that provide telephony services, can be effective strategies.

Be Adaptable

Telephony voiceover work can vary greatly depending on the client’s needs. Be adaptable in your delivery, tone, and style. Some clients may prefer a more formal tone, while others might want a casual, friendly approach.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

Stay updated with trends in customer service and telephony technology. Continuous learning and improvement will help you remain relevant and in demand in this niche market.


Telephony voiceover, including on-hold messages and IVR, offers a unique opportunity for voice actors to contribute to a crucial aspect of customer service. By understanding the genre, developing a clear and friendly tone, investing in quality equipment, and marketing strategically, voice actors can successfully navigate and excel in this specialized field.

Take Your Voiceover Career To The Next Level

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