Different Niches in Voiceover

Today’s Quick Voiceover Tip: What are the different voiceover niches?

Voiceover is incredible. The industry is so varied, and with so many niches and genres, there are infinite possibilities. This quick tip will explore some of most popular niches in voiceover. By all means, this list does not cover everything – but here are a few to check out.

Commercial Work

Commercial work is one of the most popular types of voiceover jobs available. This type of work involves recording scripts for television or radio commercials. Often these also run on digital platforms such as YouTube and social media channels as well. Voice actors help create an engaging piece that will draw attention to the product or service being advertised. In order to succeed in this type of job you need strong storytelling and acting skills as well as a good understanding of how commercials are put together.

Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are another popular type of voiceover job. These videos are used by companies to promote their products or services in an engaging way. As with commercial work you need strong acting skills in order to make your performance believable and memorable. You also need an understanding of how marketing videos are put together so that your performance fits into the overall story being told by the video.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short animated videos that explain complex topics in simple terms. They often use visuals such as diagrams or charts alongside narration provided by a voice actor. To be successful at this type of job you again need excellent communication skills as well as an understanding of how explainer videos are put together so that your performance fits into the overall story being told by the video.

E-Learning & Training

E-learning & training is another popular niche within the world of voiceover work. This type of job involves recording scripts for online courses or training materials which help people learn new skills or gain knowledge about specific topics or industries. To be successful at this type of job you must think more like a teacher or instructor than a voiceover talent.

Voiceover Genres

Podcast Hosting

Podcast hosting is becoming increasingly popular due to its accessibility and potential reach when compared with traditional radio shows or podcasts hosted on streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music. To be successful at this type of job you need excellent communication skills as well as an understanding of how podcasts are put together so that your performance fits into the overall story being told by each episode’s content creators/hosts/guests etc..


Narration is another common type of voiceover work which involves reading aloud from scripts written specifically for audio recordings such as audiobooks or documentaries/documentary series’ etc.. To excel in the field of voice-over work, you must be able to effectively communicate and artfully interpret each script’s narrative with remarkable finesse. Doing so will make sure that your performance fits perfectly into every story’s grand design crafted by its author(s).


Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular due to their accessibility and potential reach when compared with traditional books printed on paper/hardback etc.. To thrive as an audiobook narrator, one needs more than just vocal prowess; they must also possess the ability to truly connect with a story and narrate it in such a way that honors its authors’ visions. Successful performance demands mastery of communication skills and intimate knowledge of how best to bring books alive through soundscapes.


Animation is another popular niche within the world of voiceover work which involves providing voices for animated characters in films/TV shows/video games etc.. Achieving success in a career as an animated voice actor requires extraordinary acting talents, from comedic charm to dramatic gravitas. One must also have the technical know-how to adapt their own performance into a cohesive story crafted by animators and directors alike.

Live Event Hosting

Live event hosting is becoming increasingly popular due to the increasing demand for live events, especially award shows, and professional presentations. To thrive in this arena, you need the ability to speak clearly and effectively as well as knowledge of how to integrate your performance into each event’s unique theme. Fusing creativity with technique is essential for a job like this.

Audio Guided Tours

Audio guided tours involve providing narration for guided tours either through museums/historic sites etc., virtual reality experiences (VR), augmented reality experiences (AR) etc..

Audio Guided Tours:

Audio guided tours offer an innovative and engaging experience for visitors. This method of tour utilizes narrations spoken by experienced professionals to guide users through a variety of immersive scenarios. These experiences could be held in highly sought after museums or historic sites, virtual reality (VR) settings, or augmented reality (AR) adventures, to name a few. Utilizing this audio guided tour approach means guests can learn interesting facts, be captivated by vivid stories, and explore varied settings without having a live guide lead the way.

For Education and Textbooks:

Voiceover has many uses in the educational sphere, from textbooks to online courses. It offers an intuitive method for students to understand more challenging concepts, with audio explanations taking the place of complex textual forms. These audible descriptions can be experienced directly by listeners, providing a clear and understandable insight into information that may otherwise prove difficult to comprehend.

Additionally, these narrated components can add an extra layer of engagement which enriches the educational process while music or sound effects create a playful ambience. Altogether, voiceover is an effective tool to teach tricky topics in an entertaining way.

For Audio Description of Text Applications:

Voiceover can be used to provide audio descriptions of text applications, such as websites or mobile apps. This makes the content accessible to people who may have difficulty reading or understanding written text.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Phone Prompts:

Voiceover is a helpful tool that lends a powerful voice to text applications. This includes not only websites, but also mobile apps. Such vocal narrations can aid those who may have difficulty reading print or comprehending its contents—a necessity for aiding comprehension. The importance of clear audio descriptions cannot be overlooked, as the barrier it helps to break down provides unimpeded access to those with visual impairments or difficulty understanding written text.

Voice Applications Technology such as Amazon Echo/Alexa, Google Home and Others:

Voice over technology has branched out into more interactive forms of user engagement. A perfect example are voice applications like Amazon Echo/Alexa and Google Home. These applications offer an alternative to manual instructions on our everyday devices, instead providing an interface based on natural language commands for users’ convenience.

Through these kinds of apps, we can now not only access almost any info or feature with ease using only our voice, but can program the AI to anticipate our requests and establish routines to perform necessary and tedious tasks without a single command from the owner likewise. Let go of the old typing requirements; let’s welcome the new era of voice aided technology!

Find Your Voiceover Niche

The voiceover industry is a vast and varied landscape with many different genres and niches. From commercial to education, marketing to entertainment, accessibility to technology, there are so many opportunities for voiceover artists to explore. Whether you’re looking for a full-time career or just want to make some extra money on the side, there’s something out there for everyone. With the rise of audiobooks and other audio-based media, the demand for voiceovers is only increasing. The future of the industry looks bright and it’s an exciting time to be part of it.

No matter what your interests or experience level may be, there’s sure to be a place in the voiceover industry that fits your style. With so many options available, you just have to find the one that best suits you.