Radio Lounge Responds to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

To our business associates, clients, voice talent, and good friends in the
advertising, communications and service industry, we are witnessing
challenges we have never seen in the more than 25 years of business.
We want to make sure that you know, we are here.

We are not in the business of crafting masks or providing the medicines
and facilities to care for those who are ill. But we are in the business of
communication and facilitation of the spoken word to build a bridge of
understanding on how we might overcome this crisis.

Our studios and offices are open as needed for the following
communications needs. We are currently working in specific shifts to
observe social distancing. One of the great things about our industry is
that working virtually has been a daily part of everyday business for
several years.

Radio Lounge can support a podcast through our affiliation with the
various podcasting platforms. Radio Lounge can also provide
connectivity through Source Connect and our digital phone hybrid

COVID-19 cannot stop a conversation. If you have an important
message to tell right now, let us help with the creation and distribution
of that message.

Be faithful, be smart, be patient, be hopeful.