It’s Not About The Gear

When it comes to voiceover, it’s not about the gear. What do I mean when I say that? If you search voiceover forums online or social media groups, there are endless questions about equipment. This microphone vs.that microphone. Should I spend the money on a 416 or U87, or can I find something just as good for much cheaper? And the same thing is true for interfaces, DAW’s, mic preamps, and so on.

We won’t get into the details of individual pieces of gear in this article, but just know that there are many great mid-priced options for mics, interfaces, etc. that sound great and won’t cost an arm and a leg. If you are getting started in voiceover, this is the way you should go. Once you have established yourself, and are pulling in good amounts of revenue from your voice over business, then you can look at upgrading – and you may not need to.

Just don’t get caught up in the gear to get started.

If you need recommendations for specific pieces of equipment, give us a shout. As a marketing partner for Sweetwater, we can help you get set up with everything you need for a solid mid-price voiceover rig to start making money. We can help with studio consultation as well as virtual voiceover coaching, Houston voice over coaching for those who live in the area, and we have a proven track record of high-quality voiceover demos that book gigs! Give us a call.


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