Be Careful on Social Media

It’s a given. You must be careful on social media if you are an active poster and promote your voiceover services on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and others.

Certain topics are definitely charged topics. For example, this week’s Presidential debate was…well…less than presidential. There is no denying that either side is charged up and in rare form. And you may have your strong opinions from one party or another.

Do remember, that your voiceover business is just that – A BUSINESS. And if we have learned one thing about social media, is that businesses can shoot themselves in the foot with opinionated or not-so-well-thought-out posts.

Our quick tip today is to be careful on social media keeping personal channels and business channels separate. Keep politics off of your voiceover business page because you will ABSOLUTELY anger 50% of your potential or current clients. GUARANTEED!

And if you have a burning desire to exert your right to free speech, just make sure your personal page is private (double and triple check this), and make sure no clients or potential clients have friended you personally.

We are in divisive times. Don’t make the mistake of losing work from it.

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Be Careful on Social Media

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