Quick Voiceover Tip: Source Connect

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voiceover tip source connect

Quick Voiceover Tip: Source Connect.

Should I have Source Connect? It’s one of the most common questions we get here at the Lounge. If you are unfamiliar with what Source Connect (SC) is, it is a professional digital connection platform that is being widely used to replace ISDN connections between studios. Many studios that require ISDN for sessions will be OK with an ISDN/Source Connect bridge. (This is a special hourly rental through several bridging services like OutOfHear, EDNET, 80Hertz, etc. that connect your SC to an ISDN phone number for studios). However, do be aware that some studios will not accept an SC/ISDN bridge and require traditional ISDN.

Should you have Source Connect?

It depends. How much work are you generating (or the potential to generate in your genre)?. You really have to make that decision yourself. First, ignore the free Source Connect Now platform. Yes, it is a similar connection platform, but many studios do not use it and will not accept voice over connections through it. So you need to look at the Standard or Pro option.

Standard or Pro?

For your purposes as a voice actor, our opinion is that the Pro version may be overkill. YEs, there is that Replace feature, but you can work around that by using SC as a VST plugin in your DAW and record as you feed. Plus the nearly $1200 price tag is quite steep, and considering SC charges separately for new software versions it may not be the most efficient model.

Standard is around $650 at the moment, and will be an optimum platform for most voice actors. One option we like, is that SC now offers a $35/month “rental” option for the Standard plan, which we love for cash flow purposes. This has quickly become a popular option.

Check them out

Go ahead and explore the world of Source Connect at their website. With ISDN quickly becoming the dinosaur that everybody used to use, Source Connect has built the perfect next-gen application that is user-friendly and budget friendly.

If you can swing the $35/month option, there is piece of mind in having SC. We can safely say that with many of our talent we work with, this option has worked out well in the long term. Not giving your clients the option of Source Connect means you will miss out on a ton of opportunities.

Watch for future tips where we discuss other technologies such as ISDN, ipDTL, and more. And check out our full range of voice over services.


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Quick Voiceover Tip: Source Connect

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