Voiceover rates

Voiceover Rates

How much should I charge for a voiceover? The majority of voiceover questions we get here at Radio Lounge, surround the topic of rates. For many, this is new territory. How much do I charge for this eLearning project? How much should I charge for this corporate Vo gig? There are many voiceover forums out … Read more

voiceover microphone

It’s Not About The Gear

When it comes to voiceover, it’s not about the gear. What do I mean when I say that? If you search voiceover forums online or social media groups, there are endless questions about equipment. This microphone vs.that microphone. Should I spend the money on a 416 or U87, or can I find something just as … Read more

voiceover self-promotion

Self-Promotion Is Necessary For A Voice Actor

It’s true whether you like it or not, self-promotion IS necessary for a voice actor to have success in this business. One of our favorite sayings around Radio Lounge is “speaking in front of the mic is the easy part”. You’ve got to hustle to get the work. That means you need to get used … Read more

connect to the script

Connect To The Script

“You need to better connect to the script”. I heard those words SO many times in my early days in voiceover. You see, I came from radio. And back then radio was about a) your personality, b) the sound of your voice, c) the sound of your voice, d) the sound of your voice, e) … Read more

know the voiceover industry

Know The Voiceover Industry

It’s an old saying, but it’s true – knowledge is power: Know the voiceover industry is what we add to that statement. Recently I read I social media post where a new voice talent was asking about different pay-to-play (P2P) sites. There is nothing new in that question, as these sites have been discussed ad … Read more

good enough when auditioning

Good Enough Is Perfect When Auditioning

It goes against our perfectionist nature. But really…good enough is perfect when auditioning. “But Bruce you don’t understand. There are lots of talent competing for this gig. I have to get it just right” And so it goes. Take 12 Take 19. Take…whatever. “I think I can redo the intro.” “I don’t like how I … Read more

Be Careful on Social Media

It’s a given. You must be careful on social media if you are an active poster and promote your voiceover services on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and others. Certain topics are definitely charged topics. For example, this week’s Presidential debate was…well…less than presidential. There is no denying that either side is charged up … Read more

Be Optimistically Cautious With Voiceover Clients

Regarding payment, it pays to be optimistically cautious with voiceover clients. And keep a cool head. What do I mean by this? Assume that everything will go smoothly when it comes to being paid for your voiceover work. Most of the time, that is the case. However, sometimes the path to receiving payment is a … Read more

Don't hammer the wrong words

Emphasizing THE Wrong Words

Have you ever seen copy that has words capitalized or bolded? You are supposed to hammer those words with gusto because the client/agency decided they are important. So, look at this line of copy: “How would YOU like BIG savings; PLUS save over a thousand bucks AND get a car that will make you look … Read more