Be Careful on Social Media

It’s a given. You must be careful on social media if you are an active poster and promote your voiceover services on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and others. Certain topics are definitely charged topics. For example, this week’s Presidential debate was…well…less than presidential. There is no denying that either side is charged up … Read more

half voice

The Half-Voice

If you have never heard of the voiceover term “the half-voice”, it goes by other names – active hush, quiet-voice, chest-voice, and others. In the VO world, half voice is a hushed or chest-voice that is softer but retains intent.  It is not a whisper, but it is a unique place in our voice dynamics … Read more

handling rejection

Handling Rejection

Handling rejection is one of the toughest parts of being a voice actor. You can get over an old girlfriend, but can you recover when you are rejected for a commercial, especially when in your mind, the audition was award-winning?  Rejection is part of the game You are going to audition for a ton of … Read more

voiceover booth soundproofing

Voiceover Booth Soundproofing

Myth DEBUNKED! Today we want to debunk a popular voiceover booth soundproofing myth. You know the challenges. Just looking at the lawnmower picture takes you back to that session. In the room…ready to record…or maybe even in the middle of recording….RRRRRRR..BUZZZZZZZZ….SOMEONE IS CUTTING THE LAWN OUTSIDE!!! Maybe it’s the plane flying over. The loud car … Read more