Ad Speaks Houston: Episode 30 – Paul W. Hobby, a Texas Trailblazer

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The American Ad Federation honors Paul W. Hobby, a trailblazer, the man who brought home the national magazine of Texas.  Ray Schilens sat down with Paul prior to the award presentation to see how a guy with the Hobby Family’s rich legacy of philanthropy, and public service, fits into the business of doing  business here in Texas.  

Paul W. Hobby isn’t one to waste time.  The American Ad Federation named him our 2019 Trailblazer Award Honoree.  And we did it in Texas grand style with live music from Texas Troubadour Shake Russell.  One of Paul’s biggest and latest accomplishments was to lasso a magazine that had lost its way, and to bring it back home to Texas.  As the CEO of Texas Monthly Magazine, Paul has created a bright new future for what many say is at the heart of what this state is all about.  Paul W. Hobby is Texan to the core.  Take a listen as Paul talks about everything from politics to BBQ.

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