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The content is incredible, but the audio sucks.

Over the past year, we have seen so many more requests for sync to tape (also referred to as tape sync), the process of capturing audio from a Zoom call or a phone call, and replacing that marginal audio with studio-quality audio. Why?

The virtual platforms available have not addressed the need for a better way of capturing the audio side of the conversation. From Zoom to other virtual conversation-based sites, the audio connection and overall quality are marginal at best.

It starts with the room.

Most virtual call audio problems begin with the individual’s location, where room tone is close to a bathroom shower. Most home offices are terrible spots to grab audio.
Way too open, way too noisy, way too conflicted, barking dogs, lawn guys, and traffic taking center stage. Not a good thing.

Sub-par microphones

Then, laptop mics, USB mics, and inferior brands of computer mics don’t perform as well as they should, far below the quality standard of a recording studio.
It’s an audio chain that’s built to fail.

Let Radio Lounge help.

We have seen, especially over the past year, many major global production houses, from NPR to the BBC, call on Radio Lounge to give an assist with capturing studio-quality audio in a less than ideal environment.

If you haven’t heard of sync to tape, it’s not a new exercise. In the 90’s we were doing it with clients around the world, and it continues to be a top priority of quality broadcast production facilities.

It’s nice to see that even in a quality dumbed-down world of communication, there are so many folks that believe that quality still matters. That’s refreshing.


When the BBC wanted to create a program based upon a virtual meeting, they knew that typical Zoom quality audio would not meet their high standards.  To record their Houston based guest, they called on Radio Lounge to create a comfortable recording environment and provide pristine digital audio of their guest.

The guest was set up in our custom voiceover room with the Zoom call provided on a laptop (with the guest wearing broadcast quality studio headphones  – no cheap ear buds here!).  A Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic, and A Neumann U87 were placed in front of the guest just off -camera.  We recorded the conversation as it took place, sent the audio files to BBC in the format and sample rate desired, and the superb audio was then synced to the video replacing the existing low quality laptop audio.

Contact us and let us help you with your Houston based tape sync needs.


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