Voice Talent Showcase: Joshua Rush

A Blast From The Past

Joshua Rush – photo courtesy of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joshua_Rush
Joshua Rush 2007 Voiceover Demo (Age 6)

The year was 2007, and we had been working with a video production company here in Houston on a variety of projects with our good friend and video producer.  The producer’s son, Josh would sometimes participate in the sessions.  As I recall, Josh was probably six years old.  He had a curiosity about how things worked, and he would sit on my lap as we mixed audio.  But Josh had another talent we discovered.  He was an incredible voice actor.  We soon wrote, directed, and produced his very first voice demo.  What a great start.  Josh’s parents headed to California with Josh in tow and a few amazing things happened.  He started landing gig after gig.  So, fast forward to 2020, and Josh (now Joshua) has become a huge success in the industry.  From young Syler in Heroes, young Chuck in the television series Chuck, Turner in the movie Parental Guidance, CSI/NY, Private Practice, the lead role in the Disney series Andy Mack, and so much more (including a lot of voice work,) Joshua showed us all that if you discover who you are, and you work hard at perfecting your craft, life can be pretty cool.  We miss you here in Houston, Josh.  Sending best wishes for continued success.  


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