Voice Over Demo Jumpstart Sale


With recent world events, these are tough economic times.

Take advantage of new markets.  E-learning and medical narration will be the big need as things are going virtual.  Take advantage of it.  Introducing the $599 VO Jumpstart.  For two weeks only, high quality demos that were $1200, are now just $599.  Simply, it’s a win-win in these tough economic times.  Hurry! You must be booked on our schedule by 3/30/2020. 

Do you have a demo for that?

Is your demo working for you?  Do you desperately need a commercial demo refresh?  In these tough times you need all the tools you can get.  But demos can get expensive.  $1200, $1400, $2000.  The demos we create at Radio Lounge get noticed and get results.  They book work.  They get talent noticed.  We have always charged a fair price.  At $1200 they’re a steal.  And they pay for themselves over and over.  For a limited time, we have cut that price in half.  The $599 VO Jumpstart.  Offer ends March 30, 2020. 

Radio Lounge is doing what we can to jumpstart your VO business

In these tough times we are offering our high-quality national campaign demos at 50% off.  But only for 2 weeks.  That’s right book your commercial, corporate, narration, e-learning, medical narration, political, any genre demo with Radio Lounge and until 3/30/2020, you get a $1200 demo for only $599.  A demo that will guarantee to pay for itself over and over.  Only $599, but only for a limited time. 

We will provide this offer for only two weeks

In April, the price returns to $1200.  You must call or contact us via the link below before the end of the month and get on our demo schedule to take advantage of this special offer.  For over 25 years we have created powerful voiceover demos that have landed amazing projects for engaging voice actors.  Take advantage of this limited offer.  We can’t provide demos at half price for long, but it’s what we need to do to help our fellow voice actors during this economic down-turn.  The Radio Lounge $599 VO Jumpstart ends March 30, 2020.

The $599 VO Jumpstart

For two weeks only.  High quality demos, regularly $1200 are only $599.  It’s a win-win in these tough times.  Hurry offer ends 3/30/2020.


Here is what talent are saying about Radio Lounge demos

"Thank you SO much for all your hard work on this project. You made it a fun process and have given me a voiceover demo I can be proud to market anywhere. You ROCK!"
Annette Rainesalo
I really trust their creative ideas for writing the scripts and choosing the perfect music for each spot. They're also amazing directors with a trained ear so they know exactly what works and what doesn't. I'm really happy with my demo and I've booked plenty of work because of it!”
Nicky Mondellini
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Radio Lounge is an audio production / sound design company located in Houston, Texas.  We have been creating powerful, 100% original voiceover demos for over 25 years.  With over 40,000 music tracks, and 55,000 sound effects, amazing copywriters, and top notch audio producers, our demos stand out.  The founders of Radio Lounge are voice actors as well. We know the VO industry.  We know the players.  We know what casting directors and producers are looking for in a voiceover demo.  Fill out the quick form and contact us.  This truly is a limited time offer.  A win-win for talent and Radio Lounge in this stalling economy.  Let’s work together and kick some serious butt in these really odd times!

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