Studio Etiquette – Don’t Touch The Mic!

studio etiquette

You most likely will not do everything from your home studio. You will be called to work with a professional recording crew at a professional recording studio. So, are there some rules? You bet.

Pro studios do not like talent touching anything in the booth or the control room. Reaching out a grabbing a mic that costs thousands of dollars makes pro studio people cringe. It is kind of like grabbing your favorite rock star’s guitar and playing your version of Stairway to Heaven…not cool. A pro studio will adjust the mic for you, provide headphones, and adjust volumes.

Keep your hands to yourself and IF something needs adjusting, just ask.

Before you go into the booth, ASK if it is okay to bring your bottle of water, or whatever your drinking. Do that and you will set the stage for a great session and a good relationship. Most studios are fine with water in the booth, and many studios will provide water. Just double-check if unsure.

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Studio Etiquette – Don’t Touch The Mic!

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