Landing More Voiceover Work

landing more voiceover work

Landing more voiceover work. This is probably the number one most asked question here at Radio Lounge. Voice actors everywhere are always looking for more effective ways of landing more voiceover work.

This is with good reason. We have a philosophy here at Radio Lounge. The work behind the mic is the EASY PART! We once heard that voice over is 5% voicing projects and 95% of the time landing those projects. That’s closer to the truth than you might think.

Hustle is the name of the game!

While the past popularity of certain pay-to-play sites (P2P) allowed voice actors to simply check their inbox, and submit auditions all day, those days are gone. P2P’s aren’t a fair game anymore. Even well-qualified voice actors have come up dry using these sites. So what is the best way to land more voiceover work, now? You gotta do the hustle!

It’s all about creating relationships

Creating relationships means reaching out. Yes… good ol’ networking. Meeting people in person at networking events. Reaching out via the phone to prospects. Sending emails introducing yourself. The work doesn’t just come to you. You have to go out and grab it. Laning more voiceover work means…Hustle!

But I hate cold calling, cold emailing, etc.

This is an area that you will have to conquer your fears. Voiceover is a very competitive industry. Only a certain percentage of voice actors will take the initiative and perform cold outreach. Like anything else, it just takes practice and a mindset change. Instead of worrying about getting a ‘NO’, think about how there are YES’s are buried within those ‘NO’s. Now go out and grab as many NO’s as you can today. Make it a goal. Tell yourself, “I will get twenty people to tell me NO today”, then GO DO IT. Get those twenty NO’s. The do it again tomorrow…and the next day.

That’s doing the hustle (you can hear the song in your head right now, can’t you?)

You do need solid voiceover coaching and a fantastic voiceover demo first. Contact Radio Lounge today, and we can help you with both of these.


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Landing More Voiceover Work

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